Well here we are….. a year has flown by since we first started the EUCSE blog, and what a year it’s been. We’ve had content created by a number of different authors, ever increasing site views and truly captured a global audience.

Our best overall day has been on the 25th of February back in 2019 when we had 321 uniques page views that’s added to our total of over 18,000 hits! Pretty good for 3 run of the mill VMware SE’s.

Providing useful EUC content has always been the main driver behind our EUCSE environment as well as informing and sharing experiences that we see in the field.

Finding the time to provide such content can sometimes be tricky with our day jobs, but what we find and share has been consumed on a truly global level.

A special thanks has to go out to our authors who spend time creating in-depth walk throughs, informative articles and assistance to the EUC community as a whole. Have a look through their articles, below.


Below are some interesting viewing stats per page/article.

WordPress SSO with vIDM3,080
Workspace One UEM API – List all devices1,301
Azure SAML into Workspace One UEM1,067
Workspace One – Enabling Certificate Based Access – Windows 10/mac638
macOS Elevated Admin Rights with Workspace ONE UEM616
Windows 10 – Kiosk Mode570
Safari SSO on macOS with Workspace ONE399
Windows 10 – Set Background and Lock Screen CSP375
Lab Status328
macOS Management In A Modern World327
Why you need to know about Exodus.325
Windows 10 – Azure Enrollment with Okta as the IdP280
Windows 10 – True SSO using Chrome237
Windows 10 OOBE and Office 365 Federation237
Getting to grips with Workspace One Notifications228
Chrome SSO on macOS with Workspace ONE227
Cloudflare Access, Okta and Workspace ONE – Great UX & Edge Security225
Okta – Provisioning Users Into Workspace ONE224
Using the Rest API to plot GPS coordinates with Workspace One192
macOS Custom Enrolment with Workspace ONE, Okta and more171
Enable Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for SaaS and Native Apps158
Workspace ONE & Okta Integration148
Windows 10 Desktop Shortcut Script148
Verify and Horizon147
vIDM SAML into AWS Management Console127
Workspace One UEM Enrolment – iOS Okta IdP118
App Config – All the values you need.71
Are you ready for Modern Management?66
Using Sensors with Intelligence – Part 1 Creating a Sensor65
VMware + Bitnami52
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