Enrolment thought Workspace One UEM Intelligent Hub

Enrolling into Workspace One UEM using Okta as the IdP is a great way to leverage your existing identity solution, whilst adding Workspace One to check device trust and add management.

1 -This article presumes the following:

  • You’ve connected Workspace One UEM to vIDM, if not, follow this guide.
  • You’ve added Okta as a IdP within vIDM. If not, follow this guide.

SAML configuration within Workspace One UEM.

Okta added as third party IdP.

2 – Now that these pre-reqs are in place, we need to change the vIDM policies to leverage Okta as the IdP. This will automatically re-direct all users logging in to Okta. The example below is set to macOS but the exact same configuration can be set to iOS.

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