Windows 10 – Azure Enrolment with Okta IdP

Enrolling into Workspace One UEM using Okta as the IdP is a great way to leverage your existing identity solution, whilst adding Workspace One to check device trust and add management.

1 -This article presumes the following:

  • You’ve connected Workspace One UEM to vIDM. If not, follow this guide.
  • You’ve added Okta as a IdP within vIDM. If not, follow this guide.
  • Azure has been configured, users have synced, the AirWatch application added and federated to either Okta or vIDM. If not, follow this guide.

The flow for this type of enrollment is as follows:

  1. User types Azure username
  2. Azure sends user to organisation sign-in page. In this example, this is Workspace One (vIDM) with Okta added as a 3rd paty IdP
  3. User logins in with AD username and password that’s synced into Okta
  4. This then SSO’s into Workspace One UEM (AirWatch) for the enrollment
  5. User is then prompted for the custom terms of use, set within Workspace One UEM.
  6. User is then prompted with the standard Windows privacy and terms options
  7. User is then prompted to verify user account, this is done through text message in this example.
  8. User is then prompted for a PIN
  9. Workspace One Agent is then pushed to device
  10. The device is automatically enrolled into Workspace One UEM
  11. Scripts, applications, Bitlocker and certificates are installed on the machine

Bear in mind, some aspects of this video have been sped up for demoing purposes.

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