Recently I’ve had some request for configuration files for managing specific applications with Dynamic Environment Manager. So, I thought it would a good time to spend some time investigating and creating some templates that include the best practices that I’ve learned.

With everybody working from home there was ask for templates for Teams and Zoom. Also, the browsers remain all-time favorites. With the switch from Microsoft to Edge based on the Chromium framework, that is something I see customers struggle with.

Both Google and Microsoft browsers have official support for ‘roaming profiles’ which you can enable with a GPO. But after doing some testing, I found this support to be too limiting. Specifically for Edge, because they also have a lot of requirements, like assigning a (roaming) profile to your AD users. Therefor I abandoned that approach and just focused on trying to capture as much settings as possible, without creating profile bloat. I think I have succeeded, but over time and with heavy use of the browsers, you could still end up with DEM profile .ZIP files for your users that grow up to 100MB. If this happens, it’s best to open such a .ZIP file, investigate where the largest date files are, and try to exclude them. Often you can do this without losing functionality because it’s typically cache- and logfiles that create this bloat.

If you start using these profiles and run into issues, let me know and I will try to help you. You can reach me on Twitter @pimvandevis

I also do requests, so if you have a request for a DEM config file for a specific application, just reach out to me.

Without further ado, here they are:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Teams


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